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Illusions are the Opium of Weaklings & Fools

My full name is Titus Anno Sjoerd Vogt . Click on any of the three first names if you want to see their analysis!Sjoerd Vogt

Work Information

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Principal Consultant & Managing Director – in4m Limited - Challenging Ideas!

What Does in4m Do ?

Consultancy, team building and strategy building for the information industry

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Contact Information

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Home/Office phone: +44(0)1367-241707

Current Projects

J&P Group, MPH Group, Climate Change Group, Fairtrade Town Group, Town Crier, Faringdon Singers, Folly Singers, Church Choir, tennis, triathlons. Airships….

Biographical Information

Born in Zambia; as children we always spoke Dutch at home with family; but English outside. However - since my wife Karen is English, we only speak English with our children. I have two sisters & one brother; Karen has three sisters & one brother. This means that we have more than 100 close-knit family members with whom we keep in contact. Holidays are usually family reunions of some sort!

Personal Interests

Family comes first. I also enjoy running & tennis - and make sure that there's at least one hour per day set aside for exercise. Making music comes next; with singing, bagpipes & guitar taking precedence.


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